About Us

Minnehaha Community Water, Corp. is a nonprofit, member-owned water utility serving Minnehaha County. We are not part of state or county government and do not receive any tax revenue. We operate only on revenues collected for water and water related services. Any surplus is put back into the system in forms of repair and upkeep.

Minnehaha Community Water, Corp. (MCWC) was incorporated on March 15, 1973. In 1973, a group of rural residents formed a steering committee to organize a rural water system for Minnehaha County. After receiving good intention & hookup fees from over 600 farms and rural residents they were able to obtain funding from Farmers Home Administration for construction of the distribution system. Construction of the system began in 1974 with the first water billing starting on February 1978.

MCWC has two sources for our drinking water. The first source is the Big Sioux Aquifer. In 2012, we started our second source by receiving water from Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. In 2017, with an collaborate effort from Lewis & Clark, Big Sioux Community Water and Madison we finished improvements that allows the City of Madison to receive additional water twenty years before Lewis & Clark is scheduled for completion. Over the last 45 years the system has grown to serve over 5,300 rural customers, and 7 cities.

Rural Water System of the Year Award