Winter Tips


Winter tips to avoid your waterlines from freezing
  • If your meter is inside your home eliminate sources of cold air near your meter and waterlines.
  • If your meter is inside a crawl space, you can insulate by using heat tape. Double check to make sure the heat tape is working properly.
  • If the meter is inside a cabinet or a room that does not get much heat make sure the door is open so heat can flow through.
  • If you are concerned about your water freezing keep water moving through the pipelines allowing a small trickle of water to run.

Most water service pipelines serving homes are not going to freeze, however predicting which services will and will not freeze is difficult, so you should make your own choice about what is best for you. If you are concerned about your water line freezing check the cold-water temperature from a faucet in the lowest point in your home. If it is near 32° F you may want to consider running water continuously.

If your pipes have frozen:

  • Shut off Water immediately
  • Thaw pipes with warm air with a hair dryer or space heater. Do not leave space heater unattended and do not use kerosene heaters or open flame.
  • Be careful turning water back on. Once pipes are thawed, slowly turn the water back on and check for leaks.
  • If the meter is leaking, please call our office.
Winter Tips